James occasionally consults on a freelance basis, helping organizations and teams navigate the strange and sometimes counterintuitive world of product design.

James has helped bring real-world product UX design, user-centered design, design thinking, mobile-first design, and customer experience design to some of the world's best-known companies, including Walmart, Microsoft, Pacific Life, Motorola, Monster, and Yahoo.

Product design and UX training bootcamps

If your organization is finally making the shift to user-centered design, James's intense, entertaining, and fast-paced training will quickly get your designers, developers, product managers, and others up to speed on how UX and product design work in the real world.

Typical topics covered in James's training include the UX process, user research methods, user-centered design, user personas, journey maps, case studies, prototyping, designing thinking, design patterns, and responsive design.

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"Our class was so enjoyable, with James's style of humor and wonderful, easy-to-follow presentations."

Laura Goldfarb (Goldfish Creative)

"James's willingness to lend a hand and 'tell it like it is' candor make him an engaging voice of reason in a very noisy space."

Evan Roberts (Phoenix Art Museum)

"Great instincts and insights. You can tell this guy genuinely gets it!"

Burt Bornstein (Central Creative)

Design leadership consulting

If you need help changing your organization's design culture, convincing management to adopt user-centered design, coaching design leaders, etc., your organization can significantly benefit from James's design leadership consulting services.

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"James Archer is a deep thinker, grounded by a business savvy that few thought leaders in our industry possess."

Stephanie Liebold (Bold Avenue)

"James is a visionary.... He expands conversations in a positive way, and helps people break out of paradigms and find options they wouldn't otherwise find."

Chris Lee (Customer Systems)

"I have found every interaction with James to be intelligent, experienced, candid, and deeply engaging."

Dallin Harris (Skyhook)

Hands-on product design consulting

If you have a particularly complicated product design or user experience problem, need expert feedback on your team's work, or just need someone to get the ball rolling in the right direction, James can get you the insights and perspective you need with his product design consulting services.

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"The immense impact of James's advice has benefited our company exponentially."

Jeremy Scott (Bonanza Educational)

"Most of us look at design and can tell it's not right, but James can look at a design and know exactly what needs to change."

Scott Cate (EventDay)

"James takes the time to discover the purpose behind questions, enabling intentional design that's elegant but meaningfully deep."

Derek Neighbors (Founder, Gangplank)

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